Origins of Our Designs & Crafts

Products by Claude are all specially handmade for you. Our processes are intricate and require a steady hand by professional artists and designers of very specific crafts. No two items are quite the same. Because of this, each product is made with affection for these arts and with great care, requiring much more time than if they were mass-produced.

Made in Japan through a collaborative effort involving design, handcraft and technical fabrication, here is a list of the processes we use and where the crafting takes place:

Japanese Kin-maki-e Design Patterns
Ishikawa, Toyama and Kyoto Prefectures

Tokyo Prefecture

Ushikubi Tsumugi Pongee Kimono Silk Scarves
Ishikawa Prefecture

Breath Jewelry & Buckle Scarf Rings Cutting and Carving
Fukui Prefecture

Kiri Wood Stackable Trays
Fukuoka Prefecture

NT Rasha Paper Stock
Shizuoka Prefecture

Yupo Recyclable Polypropylene Sheet
Ibaraki Prefecture