Our Silk Scarves

Ushikubi Tsumugi Pongee Silk —
Claude x Nishiyama Silk Scarves

Claude silk products are a collaboration between Claude and Nishiyama Silk, who specialize in making cloth in the holy Hakusan mountains. Nishiyama Silk products have been named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ishikawa Prefecture, numbering among a few silk makers that continue to maintain an 800-year-old legacy to create a cloth with unparalleled silk expertise.

Nishiyama Silk uses “dupion” cocoons—a cocoon created by two silkworms. This silk produces a highly prized thread, that by its nature, is always one-of-a-kind and full of expression. Naturally, it has all the great properties of silk: namely that of desirability, breathability, strength, moisture control, its hypoallergenic nature, and the ability to be worn year-round.

Nishiyama Silk is also distinct in that each facet of the cloth creation, from start to finish, is done in house. This is a rare and time-consuming process, but one that maintains historical care and quality that its kimono legacy demands. All dupion threads are hand created and hand-dyed to create a singular, unifying look and feel.

We at Claude feel privileged to work together with Nishiyama Silk, and we greatly appreciate the support granted to us from Ishikawa Prefecture as well. Working alongside a company of rich history and producer of such beauty has been an invaluable learning experience. We are honored to take part in sharing this superior craftsmanship of worldwide-sought cloth, and know the possibilities of utilizing their unique process are endless.