Our Fashion Jewelry

Dusted with Gold, Embellished with Devotion —
Breath Jewelry

Hand-printed in the Hokuriku Region of Japan, our jewelry is adorned with an ancient technique that has over a thousand years of history. Kin-maki-e describes gold and metallic powders that are dusted onto our design patterns and polished repeatedly to create a motif that reflects with fierce radiance.

Long ago, the ornamental design of kin-maki-e embellished religious articles owned by aristocrats and samurai families. As the artistic appeal of kin-maki-e spread, it gained recognition as an icon of power, and the dazzling art style would later be adopted by royal families and military leaders. The popularity for kin-maki-e eventually spread to wealthy merchants and artisans, and kin-maki-e masters bloomed and thrived throughout Japan.

Innovating Crafts for Sustainability

Despite its extensive tradition, this Japanese art form is continued by only a few skillful craftspeople. This rare craft is maintained by those who carry on traditional techniques, while some incorporate modern methods and perspectives. Without those who dedicate their lives to sustaining this history-rich and elegant craftwork, the dedicated craft of kin-maki-e will be lost to time.

New Materials & Processes

We continue to maintain the application of kin-maki-e designs by taking a modern approach through new materials and practices. While historically applied to lacquer, the base material of our kin-maki-e design patterns used in our collections is a 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic sheet that holds vivid light. Durable yet featherlight, this material inspires our jewelry collection’s name, “Breath.” Each and every style and shape is cut into a random design pattern that is printed double-sided, turning each piece into a unique design statement.

Discover a design that speaks to you and embrace an ancient, refined craft that will continually inspire your style for years to come.