The Care and Keeping of Claude Products

Treat your Claude products the way you want to be treated: starting with the attentive, loving care we all deserve. Follow our care instructions for our products and they’ll return the favor by keeping your person and your space beautiful for years to come.

Accessories, like all materials, are susceptible to damage and require preventative measures and maintenance. It’s important to be aware of your items while wearing them and to choose pieces that suit your lifestyle.

Silk That Feels Most Like Myself

Why This Collection is Great

Our scarves are 100% silk that feature breathability, strength, moisture control, are hypoallergenic, and can be worn year-round.

Help Keep Local Culture Alive

Named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Ishikawa Prefecture, our partner, Nishiyama Silk, is one of the only remaining mills to maintain its 800-year-long legacy. Our scarves are created with the same process they use for weaving kimonos. It’s laborious work, but one that maintains historical care and quality that its legacy demands.

Stay Silky

We recommend professional dry-cleaning only for our silk products. If you ever need to apply water or soap, be sure to use a neutral non-alkaline detergent with cool water. Never wring your scarf, and remove tags before washing. Use a cool iron before it is completely dry.

Fashion Fixed: Buckle Up

Why This Collection is Great

Claude Buckles are repurposed for a variety of uses to add accents to our silk accessories. Create a tailored look around the neck and shoulders, or wear your scarf around the waist as a belt. Add personal accents to your style by discovering other creative ways to wear our buckles for the wrist, ankle, or head.

Help Keep Local Culture Alive

All of our Buckle scarf rings are made in Fukui Prefecture, who lead internationally with great skill in cutting, shaping and carving eyeglasses since the early 1900s. With this time-honored artistry we expand on their aptitude with materials of all kinds to create pieces of lasting quality.

Make Your Buckle Shine

To polish, use an eyeglass cloth as you would cleaning lenses. Rub over the surface, both top and bottom, at the same time.

Combinations to Make Your Look Pop

To pair, please note the scarf ring and scarf sizes below as a general reference:

Large Scarf Ring:
Select Scarves – 45 x 200 cm
Square Scarves – 105 x 105 cm

Medium Scarf Ring:
Select Scarves – 45 x 200 cm
Skinny Scarves – 5 x 96 cm
Bandeau Scarf Sets

Small Scarf Ring:
Bandanas – 53 x 53 cm
Skinny Scarves – 5 x 96 cm
Skinny Scarf Sets

Dress to Impress: How to Wear

To secure your scarf ring, hold the outside of the ring with the tips of your fingers and simply weave the scarf through the openings.  Check to see if the ring shifts back and forth. If it seems loose, pull more fabric through the buckle until it no longer shifts.

Make a quick trip to our YouTube channel for simple and inspired videos on “How-To Style & Use”

The Glimmer Speaks for Itself

Help Keep Local Culture Alive

Hand-printed in the Hokuriku Region of Japan, our jewelry is adorned with an ancient technique that has over a thousand years of history. Kin-maki-e describes gold and metallic powders that are dusted onto lacquerware and polished repeatedly to create a motif that reflects fierce radiance.

Despite its extensive tradition, this Japanese art form is continued by only a few skillful craftspeople. This rare craft is maintained by those who carry on traditional techniques, while some incorporate modern methods and perspectives. Without those who dedicate their lives to sustaining this history-rich and elegant craftwork, the dedicated craft of kin-maki-e will be lost to time.

Pause to Take a Breath

Why This Collection is Great

Contemporary fashion jewelry that incorporates the traditional Japanese art form of  “kin-maki-e”. Its featherlight weight makes it highly comfortable to wear, and won’t pull on your ears, neck or wrist. The base material is a 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free polypropylene sheet.

Let’s Talk Jewelry 

Pierced Earrings are made with 14K gold-filled brass ear wire hooks and include silicone earring backs.

Non-pierced Earrings are gold plated brass ‘screw-hinge’ clip-ons.

Necklace Chains are made with gold plated brass, are 45 cm in length, and are adjustable.

How to Make Your Jewelry Last

We recommend removing all jewelry, especially rings, in situations when abnormal contact is expected, such as in sports, swimming, housekeeping, gardening, and DYI. Make the habit to remove rings and bangles before washing your hands or using a steam room or sauna.

Refrain from pulling at glued or strung parts as it may result in cracks and peeling away of the kin-maki-e coated layers. Contact with rough surfaces may wear away the decoration and color. Extreme bending may cause a crease and should be avoided.

Pendants from our featherlight Breath Jewelry collection may bend over time. To straighten, very gently bend in the opposite direction a few times. To polish, use an eyeglass cloth as you would cleaning lenses. Rub over the surface, both top and bottom, at the same time.


Why This Collection is Great

Embellished with Japanese “kin maki-e”, these trays can be used alone or stacked to add function, or reconfigured to expand your decorative display.

The wooden base of this tray is made in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan from “Kiri” (Paulownia). This wood is lightweight yet strong, and is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It is not in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The decorative material is a 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free polypropylene sheet.

Wood You Be Mine?

Our home goods are for decorative use only. They are not food or dishwasher safe. When required, clean gently with a soft cloth.


Why This Collection is Great

Claude “Kin-maki-e” Bags combine two distinct artisanal legacies — Kanazawa “kin-maki-e” and Tokyo leathercraft. In combining this rare craft duo with a modern design approach, the results are not only alluring but incorporate fresh ideas of what functional accessories can be.

Tokyo Japanese Leathercraft
For almost 100 years, activity and harmony fills the air of our collaborator’s homelike Tokyo based factory with craftspeople ranging from their 20s to their 70s. They bring the best of Japanese traditional leather crafting skill and technological tooling to our bags and small leather goods with a quality and touch that is unique to Japan.

Be Natural
Leather is natural material that will change over time. It softens as does the color, and the surface expresses use with a lovely patina. Shield your leather goods from extended exposure to light, extreme heat and humidity. If you use leather care products on our goods – avoid the “kin-maki-e” decorative areas as they can get damaged.